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Friday, January 23, 2009

TEKAD,bkn sekadar teater...

for a long tym i'm not wrote on my wall...huhu...i was busy for our theater practise for the Festival Kajai inter-college competition...I was acting as a gossip girl in the kampung, and I feel like not my self...coz we have to be so 'gedik' and I think I am not like that...hee...all of the senior want three of us,the 'gedik' gossip girls to be the most 'gedik' in the performance...huhu...Alhamdulillah,on the performance,the audience like our 'gedik' and think that our character is so funny,and they really enjoy our performance..this new production from TEKAD(our theater club) is called 'batu belah, batu bertangkup'...kak yana as the main character,Kak Salmah...nadia as Melor,abang syed as Pekan,the gossip girls,me,zaza and jaja, kak umi as nenek kebayan,kak azie n kak ecah as the genie,and last but not least, kak mira and doreen as the dancers...heee...this is my first time I act as a gedik girl,usually I will get the nerd,the polite girl,the ganas girl,never get the gedik character..hua3...this is really fun...weehuu..thanx to all the seniors and friends, for all your support and all the experience,adn all of we have so much fun,even though we just get 2nd place...love TEKAD...huhu...the picture maybe I will upload it later...hee...TEKAD not only for theater...



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